Our story begins with the story of OHGM’s founder and full-time missionary, Katrina “Katty” Aguirre.

Katty was raised on the coast of Ecuador amidst challenging circumstances.  Life was made difficult by the early death of her mother (when Katty was only eight years old), having to adjust to new home life, and by having a lack of spiritual guidance.  At age 12, Katty found herself moving from one home to another.  She admits she was difficult to live with at this time, but with no other options, she soon turned to a life on the street.  At age 15, Katty was blessed to find herself with the opportunity to stay for a short while at her cousin’s home. It was here that she was first challenged to come and see what Jesus could do with her life. Katty went to church, expecting to prove that God did not exist and that no one loved her. However, by the end of the service God had deeply touched her heart and changed her life forever!

Katty soon recognized that she had forgotten what it was like to be part of a family. She cried out to God and told him that all she wanted was to be part of a family, loved and to belong. “Coincidentally”, within a few weeks American missionaries with a heart for children came to church and embraced her as loving parents.  They educated her academically and discipled her in ministry for several years.  Katty received degrees in English and Hotel & Tourism Management & Administration from the Metropolitan University of Quito in Ecuador.

Through theses American missionaries, who brought in mission teams, she met her “Mom” and others that would eventually become the board of One Heart Global Ministries. Katty’s heart cry has been that none of her people would have to bear the burden of rejection and feeling unloved.  She has committed herself to connecting the hearts of people with the heart of God.   One Heart Global Ministries was started in 2010 bringing glory to God and changing lives.


Real Favorite Front

“My life was changed, because they were willing to love me, share with me, and invest in me.  They were willing to make a difference in my life. You can make a difference too. Please join me in changing lives”