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Bienvenidos a Ecuador!

Basic Information & Geography

Ecuador is located in the northwestern region of South America and home to over 15 million people! The country is divided into the 24 provinces listed above and 7 regions. This area is pretty impressive considering that Ecuador can be roughly compared to the size of the state of Nevada. Additionally, Ecuador is home to the famous Galapagos Islands and (given the shape of our planet) the top of their Mount Chimborazo (20,560 feet above sea level) is considered to be the most distant point of the Earth’s surface!


Located at the equator, Ecuador experiences little variation in daylight throughout the year. Ecuador has breathtaking landscapes that can truly fall into every type of possible climate definition. The variation of climate seems to largely be determined by the altitude, but rich abundant plant and animal life flourish across all types of terrain. From rainforests, jungles, highlands, mountain regions, valley lands,¬† basins, coastal areas, all the way to arid dry land–Ecuador has a little bit of everything!


Ecuador is home to a wide variety of cultures that have been mingling together for decades. While Spanish is the official language of Ecuador,  Quichua (an Incan language) is still spoken by some of the indigenous populations, as well as 14 other native languages. Traditions are passed along and shared to future generations in the forms of area specific customs regarding: food, music, dress, dance, and language.

One of the easiest of traditions to recognize is the specific dress and clothing styles found throughout the country. For the most part, men and women can be found wearing the distinct and traditional style of dress associated with the region or province from which they are from. These styles take on many forms (i.e., hats, ponchos, scarfs, etc.), but most importantly it signifies a culture that is proud to display their unique heritages.