board meeting

Annual Board Meeting 2013

One Heart Global Ministries will hold their annual board meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend.

These meetings are truly a blessing to attend and our board members are looking forward to having a chance to gather together, review the previous year’s reports, identify new new areas of growth, and purposefully plan for needs of the upcoming year. This year, we feel very strongly that God has been preparing the way for many great things to happen and we hope that you will be joining us in these efforts!


Please Join Us In Prayer

We need God’s wisdom at all times in order for His will be accomplished in and through our ministry. Please join us in prayer as we humbly seek for the following to be present during our meeting:

  • That God’s guidance and direction will be present throughout all of our meetings and discussions.
  • For courage and wisdom to be good stewards over all the resources and responsibilities entrusted to us.
  • For increased focus, peace of mind, and open hearts amidst any difficult decisions that we may encounter.
  • That gifts will be stirred up amongst us and the hearts of many will be touched to join us in this great work.

Finally, please pray that…

  • We will be sensitive and submissive as He leads us to build a stronger organization that will better meet the long term goals and growing needs of those we serve.